About Us

Media Bits Consulting is a distribution & management consultancy, focusing on content sales, production development and platform development.

Our Services

Media Bits can help you licensing your content to audiences around the world, with a strong focus on UK, CEE, Russia & CIS and Africa.

Scripted & Non-scripted content sales & distribution consultancy focusing on Africa, CEE, UK, Russia & CIS, Turkey market.

Content Distribution Services

Distribution is such a passion of ours. The way we see it is that the content you create is only as good as the distribution plan behind it.

Digital Content & Rights Management

DRM technology helps content purchasers abide by the related licensing information that dictates how, when, and even where it can be used — and avoid financial penalties.

Production and Format Development

Our formats are based on creative, original, and culturally relevant content. Our creative team provides high-quality production manuals to production companies and television channels to facilitate the production process.

Licensing and Contract Negotiation

Multimedia transactions often present unique issues for negotiation. Understanding the rights involved and negotiating the acquisition of such rights up front is critical.

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